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About Fallbrook Winery

Breadth, Passion and Inspired Artistry

Where Experience and Nature Conspire for Greatness

Nestled within 36 acres between the Pacific Coast and the Pala Mountains, an orchestra of sustainable viticulture excellence unfolds among the rolling hills and microclimates of Fallbrook.

Purchased and replanted with Bordeaux varieties in the 1990’s, each rootstock and corresponding varietal clone was selected based upon precisely the unique climate of North Coastal San Diego County. Winner of multiple awards, we’re confident that the Fallbrook Winery 33°N wines compare favorably with those from the most well regarded grape growing regions in the world.

Environmental Stewardship

Today, Fallbrook Winery embraces sustainability practices that maintain the organic matter of healthy soils, perfected water conservation, and preservation of the ecosystem. Nutrient recycling, such as the use of vineyard mash and cover crops with seed banks of barley and clover help to replenish the land itself and ensure years of continued crop excellence. Our winery is 100% Roundup (glyphosate) free.

Of Place and Process

The terroir and topography of the region creates an ideal microclimate for grapes that feature the optimal balance of sugar and acid levels …the foundation necessary for crafting rich, full-bodied and balanced wines.

Picked by hand and stored for optimal fermentation, a process of manual ‘punch downs’ enhances the intensity of the fruit and offers greater control over the winemaking process.

Convenience & Value

New wines before publicly available with a Wine Club Membership

Perhaps the best thing I can share to articulate how much we love this winery is to tell you that we live in San Francisco, 30 minutes from Napa/Sonoma valleys, and we get SO excited each time our wine club shipment from Fallbrook Winery arrives!

Leah K.

San Francisco, CA

Having been to almost every wine region in CA, this is one of the best wineries I’ve been to.

Guy P.

Among the avocado orchards and stands of cypress trees, you will find a very successful family-run winery that makes award-winning vino. Its estate wines, such as the BDX and Sangiovese, are worth the trip alone.

Lindsey Pomeroy

San Diego Magazine

Look for the Fallbrook BDX, a rich Bordeaux Style Blend. It is perfect with any filet, yet soft enough to have on a chilly, windy San Diego winter evening. The Cabernet Franc is sophisticated, with just enough tannin and acidity to balance out your palate…

Lisa Redwine

San Diego Union-Tribune


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