Estate Wine Story

The Fallbrook Winery 33°N Estate Wines derive their unique designation from the latitudinal coordinates that our Vineyard rest on. In essence, Fallbrook Winery is located on the 33°N parallel hence the name. All of our wines made exclusively with Estate Grown grapes receive the 33°N designation.

The idea behind the name is to embrace the excellent soil and microclimate conditions that our vineyard benefits from. Characterized by warm sunny days, cool evenings and soil composition of decomposed granite our climate and soil mimic those of the best grape growing regions in the world.

Each rootstock and corresponding varietal clone (our vines) selected for planting was based on precisely the unique climate of North Coastal San Diego County. As such, we are confident that the wines made from our vineyards compare favorably with those from the most well regarded grape growing regions in the world.

From our 33°N Sauvignon Blanc to our Bordeaux style 33°N BDX Red Blend the Fallbrook Estate Wines are a shining example of our region as well as a wonderful wine for the price.

I recently stopped by Fallbrook Winery for a visit with Ira Gourvitz and winemaker Vernon Kindred. I always enjoy visiting there. It's way off the beaten path, a quiet oasis.

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