The Fallbrook Family

The Fallbrook Winery staff shares a passion for great wines, and we are committed to providing our local wines of exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Rebecca Wood & Ira Gourvitz


Rebecca "Pepper" Wood and Ira Gourvitz purchased the winery in the mid 1990s and replanted the vineyards. Pepper oversees the winery's finances while Ira's passion lies in the production and sales of award-winning wines, dating back to his experience owning a Sonoma vineyard in the 80s. Once residing in Mission Hills, Pepper and Ira recently built a home on a hill above the vineyards and enjoy entertaining family and friends to gourmet dinners and Bocce tournaments in their backyard.

Ted Gourvitz

Managing Director

Ted grew up in San Mateo, California, just a short drive from the "wine country" of which his family has been a part of since he can remember. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder, Ted spent several years working as an Executive Recruiter for the medical and finance industries before leaving the corporate world to rejoin the family business in 2003. Ted, along with his father Ira and Director of Sales, Paul Fournier, has made Fallbrook Winery one of the more recognizable brands from the developing South Coast region. His primary focus is on producing the highest quality wines possible, while delivering them at a reasonable price for all to enjoy.

Paul Fournier

Director of Sales

Paul started with Fallbrook Winery in November of 2010 after working for 15 years in the hospitality industry as a bartender and manager. He also worked for three years with Young's Market where he learned sales and marketing techniques as well as extensive product knowledge.

Living in San Diego since he was six years old, Paul loves working for a local company. He especially enjoys it when people get excited about local products, and feels that Fallbrook Winery produces great wines that he's proud are made right here in San Diego county.

When he's not working, Paul loves to read, play golf, watch movies, go to restaurants, and just about anything that involves his family.

Izaac Villalobos

General Manager

Izaac is a San Diego native, born and raised. He started with Fallbrook Winery in the vineyard in the summer of 2012 and is a recent business administration and finance graduate of Cal State San Marcos.

Izaac has always been a wine and travel enthusiast, and recently traveled to Greece, where he proposed to his now-fiancé and the two are excited to start their lives together in the summer of 2014.

When he's not working (which is rare), Izaac enjoys spending time with his family - especially his nieces and nephews, going to the beach, and trying new restaurants.

Winemaking Team

Euan Parker

Euan has worked as a winemaker for 10 years in regions all over the world, including France, Spain, New Zealand, Oregon and California. He grew up in New Zealand and learned viticulture on his family’s vineyard while at high school and university. He gained a molecular biology degree with first class honors while in New Zealand, and then pursued his interest in wine production by receiving a Masters in Viticulture and Enology in the Loire Valley in France. Euan joined the Fallbrook team in March of 2016.

Joshua McCourt

Although his love of wine began long ago, Josh has been actively involved in winemaking since 2009. His travels have taken him from the Russian River Valley with Merry Edwards to Santa Barbara County with Clos Pepe and Gainey to Ventura County at Ojai Vineyards. He was thrilled at the opportunity to move back to his home in San Diego with Fallbrook Winery. Josh brings his knowledge of winemaking from other areas in California to Fallbrook Winery here in San Diego County, where hot desert-like conditions combine with the cool salty mists and fog from the ocean to make up the unique terroir.

Christina Smith

Vineyards Manager CCA, PCA, QAL

Christina was born and raised in El Cajon, and later moved to Orange County where she worked and attended Cal Poly Pomona. After working in the Irvine area for a number of years, she was offered a position in Northern California, first moving to Red Bluff, then later to the Lodi area. She returned to Fallbrook in 2013 to be closer to family and has both conventional and organic crop experience from years working in agricultural field research, conservation/native plants/range management, water quality, strawberries, fresh market row crops, tree nut crops, and wine grapes.

Christina has a degree in Agronomy (crop production), and maintains professional licenses which support the industry (CA Certified Crop Advisor, Pest Control Advisor, and hold a qualified applicators license).

Brix - In Loving Memory

The Winery Dog

Brix, affectionately known as "Brixie Girl" by many, was a favorite of visitors to Fallbrook Winery for many years. Brix retired from her greeter roll in order to spend her golden years sleeping on Ira and Pepper’s comfortable array of couches. Despite her large size (north of 105 lbs.) you would be hard-pressed to find a more friendly, good natured dog who just loved people.

Brix passed away recently, but we're sure she's on the other side of the rainbow bridge enjoying red wine, avocados, brie cheese, and ear scratches.

With so many red wines to taste red wine lovers will enjoy tastings at the winery.

– Kathy Sullivan, Wine Trail Traveler More >